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What The Hell Is Happening?

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BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) -- Thailand's military coup leader has pledged to choose a new prime minister within two weeks and return power to the people as soon as possible.

But Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin, the head of Thailand's army and the newly declared leader, said Wednesday it could take a year to produce a new constitution leading to a fresh general election, Reuters reported.
He said military leaders were looking for candidates who loved "democracy and constitutional monarchy" to replace Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a bloodless coup d'etat on Tuesday as he attended the United Nations General Assembly in New York. (Watch Thais mingle with troops after bloodless coup -- 1:16)

"We have two weeks. After two weeks, we step out," Sonthi told a news conference, speaking as head of an interim "Political Reform Council" run by the military.
Meanwhile Britain's Foreign Office said that Thaksin would arrive in London later Wednesday on a "private visit."

The office did not say when Thaksin would arrive from New York. The Thai Embassy in London said it had no immediate information on Thaksin's whereabouts.

In a nationally televised address earlier in the day, Sonthi, flanked by the country's military and security force leaders, said the coup was complete and necessary to end intense conflicts in Thailand's society that Thaksin had created.

In his brief television address, Sonthi asked the Thai people to stay calm and support the coup leaders, The Associated Press reported.

Sonthi declared martial law, and international news channels such as CNN and the BBC were taken off the air.
On a TV station still under his government's control, however, Thaksin declared a state of emergency and insisted his government remained in charge of the armed forces and the capital.

He announced he was firing Sonthi and ordered him to report to the office of Deputy Prime Minister Chidchai Vanasaditya.

But it was Chidchai that reported to the offices of the armed forces Wednesday, an army spokesman told CNN. Despite media reports that he was taken into custody, the spokesman said Chidchai had left after checking in with the military.

Another deputy prime minister, Surakiart Sathirathai, told CNN that the supreme commander of Thailand's armed forces would be in charge of Bangkok. That officer, Gen. Ruengroj Mahasaranont, has made no public statement since the coup was announced.

Tanks and troops patrolled Bangkok early Wednesday after the army said the military was taking control. ((Watch tanks roll through the streets of Bangkok -- 3:53)
In his first public appearance, Sonthi repeated earlier statements that the newly created Council of Administrative Reform had revoked the Constitution.

He said Thaksin's policies had created serious rifts that needed to be healed and said Tuesday's coup was necessary after months of political turmoil.

Thaksin, however, insisted his government remained in control even as Sonthi and the chiefs of the armed forces met King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

With tanks and troops on the streets of Bangkok, the prime minister canceled his scheduled Tuesday evening speech to the U.N. General Assembly in New York and skipped the traditional luncheon of world leaders that opens the session.

Through a spokesman, Sonthi said he and the Party of Democratic Reform -- a previously unknown opposition party -- had taken power with the support of the country's armed forces.

The coup leaders declared Wednesday a holiday, with schools, banks and the country's stock market closed.
Troops on the streets adorned their weapons with yellow ribbons in a sign of loyalty to the king, and tanks were parked outside the government headquarters, which houses Thaksin's office.

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Hope This Thing Ends Soon.~~
Joke Time!
A mouse and a lion walked into a bar, after drinking a couple of shots a giraffe walked in.

"Get a load of her" said the mouse, "wat a babe!" "Well, y not u try ur luck?" replied the lion.
So the mouse went over to the giraffe and started talkin to her. Within five mins they were out of the door and into the night.

The next day, da lion was drinking in the bar again, wen the mouse staggered in. The mouse was completely worn out, and could hardly hold himself up.The lion helped him up on to a stool, poured a drink down his throat and said, "Wat the hell happened to u? I saw u leave wid the giraffe, wat happened after tht? Was she all rite?"

The mouse replied, "Yeah, she was really sth, we went out for dinner, had a couple glasses of winem and she invited me back to her place to spend the night and oh, man! I've never had a night like it!!""But how cum u look so exhausted?" asked the lion

"Well....." said the mouse, "between the kisssin and the screwing, i must have run a thousand of miles!!!!"
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